What’s the number one question that every woman often asks herself that really determines if she will be fulfilled or not?
7 Days To A Juicy Feminine Lifestyle
Learn the 7 steps you need to take to focus your priorities and "un-mediocre" your life by listening to this training and taking the challenge.
- Absolutely Free!
Access this never before seen challenge that will change everything you think about getting unstuck and ACTUALLY live with intention!

“Must Attend Event of 2019”

Urban Belle Magazine called LaTanya’s Rising Woman Retreat a MUST attend event for 2019. If you have a chance to see LaTanya live, run, don’t walk. It’s something you must do to make lasting change in your life.

Presented by LaTanya Karla B.

After struggling for years to achieve her vision for her life, and being traumatized from experiencing failure after failure, LaTanya decided there had to be a better way. She wanted fulfillment and feminine fortune. This Challenge describes the crazy things she discovered that no one else is talking about...And it’s way easier than you think!
In This 7-Day Challenge You’ll Discover How To End Monotonous Days And Perform At Your Best
Why Making Drastic Change and “Ripping of The Band-aid” is Bad Advice
If you know deep down you’re meant for more than what you’re doing now, LaTanya will show you how to tap into that and live your purpose without going broke, bankrupt or having to beg your boss for a promotion.
The 7 Key Practices To Prioritizing Yourself (What the Gurus Won’t Admit)
Through the audio training, LaTanya will show you the misconceptions that are holding you back from tapping into your highest potential and what to do about it. LaTanya will show you that everyone that is teaching this right now is actually making you more confused than ever. 
Why Issa Rae, Lori Harvey and Tracey Ellis Ross Are Just Like You
LaTanya will show you that knowing how to live a life that isn’t mediocre will put you in the same group of Issa, Lori and Tracey and how they too wrestled with letting their light shine. All the books have it WRONG, so stop reading them, listen to this Challenge NOW.
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